Selected Readings

We are pleased to announce our outstanding Fog Lit 2015 Reading List!

Édith Bourget: Lili Tutti-Frutti

Chuck Bowie: Steal it All

Bill Conall: The Promised Land: a novel of Cape Breton

Megan Coles: The Eating Habits of the Chronically Unhappy

Libby Creelman: Split

Fred Doucette: Better Off Dead

Anne Emery : Ruined Abbey

Marina Endicott: Close to Hugh

David Goss: Tall Tales and Curious Happenings

Ian Hamilton: The King of Shanghai: The Triad Years

Kate Inglis: Flight of the Griffons

Mark Anthony Jarman: Knife Party at the Hotel Europa

M. Travis Lane: The Essential Travis Lane

Sarah Mian: When the Saints

Riel Nason: The Town that Drowned

Shane Neilson: On Shaving Off His Face

Kathleen Peacock: Hemlock Series

Leslie Vryenhoek: Ledger of the Open Hand

Clyde Wray: Bridges We Can Walk Across

Sue White: The Memory Chair


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