Bill Conall

Bill Conall

I was born in Brockville, Ontario. A very long time ago. When I was two years old, my parents moved to Carleton Place, just west of Ottawa. Having no job or other income at the time, I decided to go with them. In Ontario I have also lived in Toronto, Gananoque, Utterson and Port Hope. Add to those the western cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, and the Heriot Bay side of Quadra Island. And now and forever, on the back side of Murray Mountain in magical Cape Breton.

I have been a farm hand, car salesman, bartender, warehouseman, delivery driver, microfilm technician, library clerk, songwriter, road musician, printer, exhibit sales consultant, long-haul trucker, waiter, service station attendant, writer, and finally, an author.

Currently, I enjoy playing darts at the Baddeck Legion and in North River. I am a student of Gaelic, writer, apprentice vegetable gardener, cutter of firewood, blower of snow.



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