TandiAlthough not an artist myself, I have been surrounded by art, in one form or another, all of my life. The life of an artist was the path both my parents chose; my father, John Hooper, is best known for his colourful ,and very approachable, carvings of people; sitting, walking, balancing, being. My mother Kathy Hooper, is a well-regarded painter and sculptor, not afraid to experiment with different styles and mediums. Our home was always filled with the art of my parents and the works of other local (and not so local) artists. Colourful, vibrant and thought-provoking. The smell of woodchips, the sound of the mallet hitting the chisel hitting the wood, colourful pots of paint, mounds of clay, canvases stretched out on the floor, are all memories of childhood. In 1992 I opened Handworks Fine Art & Craft Gallery in Saint John, a gallery dedicated to the promotion of New Brunswick art and craft. In 1997 Kate Kerr became my business partner, and we continued to run the gallery together until 2002. Through Handworks we hoped to expose the public to the amazing craftspeople and artists we have working in this province and to make visiting a “gallery” much less intimidating by combining fabulous craft with great fine art. Since that time I have been gift-shop manager at The New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop, which represents the works of more than 50 New Brunswick craftspeople and also work as the Saint John Airport Art Co-ordinator, co-ordinating and installing displays of works by New Brunswick craftspeople and artists for the enjoyment of the public and enrichment of the Airport

Website: http://ilivewithart.ca/tandi/